Welcome to Romford Rifle and Pistol Club
Romford Rifle and Pistol club is a friendly club for Juniors and Seniors of all abilities to enjoy target shooting as a fun and competitive activity.
As you progress and gain confidence it’s possible to replace the club items you use with your own kit. Advice on what to buy and from where to obtain it is readily available from the other members of the club, who’ll be only too happy to help and advise on this.
There are many competitions for all levels of ability run both within and external to the club for you to test your new found shooting skills….good luck!
The Club site and Ranges are located on a single level making Wheelchair access available.
The Club has disabled and less able members.The Clubs ranges are open Six days a week at varying times.
The Club house has facilities for making a warm drink(very welcome after a cold winters day shoot)